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In-Home Assessment: Why It Matters in Home Health Care

Seniors who live alone are more likely to experience accidents and injuries, according to healthcare professionals. According to the NCBI, “Each year in the United States there are approximately 220,000 hip and wrist fractures in persons over the age of 65.” While there are many potential causes of these fractures, including underlying medical conditions, falls consistently rank at the top of the list.

To protect your loved one from harm at home, do your part to prevent accidents. Al Amal Health Care Inc, a trusted provider of skilled healthcare, is always willing to assist. We provide expert and medically sound in-home evaluations that can help you determine what needs to be done to ensure that your senior’s independent life is safe, healthy, and happy.

The quality of life for your loved one at home will increase with the aid of our home health aide in Ohio. Underlying medical issues that prevent them from functioning properly every day are a major cause of concern for their safety. Allowing them to perform ADLs on their own can lead to unwanted and preventable injuries.

Assessments from our personal care aide can also help with evaluating your loved one’s home. Something as simple as dim lighting, loose floorboards, and an absence of grab and handlebars can also result in your elderly tripping and falling over.

With the assistance of home health care in Lakewood, Ohio, these factors can be easily decreased. Your loved one can perform daily tasks with a fair amount of comfort and ease thanks to the assistance of our licensed and professionally trained home health professionals.

Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule your initial in-home assessment.