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You can Find a Friend with Al Amal Health Care Inc!

Seniors who live alone frequently experience social isolation and loneliness, which can hurt their health. Companionship is an important part of senior healthcare, not only because it assists with daily tasks such as cleaning and personal care, but also because it provides a meaningful human connection that improves the quality of life.

We at Al Amal Health Care Inc believe that elderly people benefit from companionship. It’s a vital component of holistic health, so regular companionship is an important part of the home health care in Lakewood, Ohio we offer.

Companionship gives elders a social connection that helps them cope with loneliness and sadness, as well as improving their overall health and well-being. According to studies, the more seniors interact socially, the better their cognitive functioning is. According to researchers, talking to someone else for ten minutes can strengthen memory in the same way as everyday games and puzzles do.

Companionship gives elders a sense of security, knowing that someone is there to help keep them safe when needed, and it also gives family members peace of mind. Our home health aide in Ohio can provide ADL assistance, housekeeping support services, and in-home nursing care as needed, in addition to conversations, social support, and companionship on daily outings.

Bringing a personal care aide into the home not only assists your loved one with everyday activities but also gives them the social stimulation they require to live a healthy and happy life. Most importantly you’ve found a new friend and family in your home health aide.

If you or a loved one needs an in-home companion or a certified nursing assistant, we encourage you to consider our services. Give us a call at 216-321-3302 to schedule an appointment.