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Know the Signs! When to Hire a Home Health Aide?

For a while, many people may rely on family members to look after them, but there are occasions when professional help is the best option. A home health aide in Ohio can help your senior with a variety of tasks such as grocery shopping, errand running, and meal preparation. A personal care aide can also give companionship and help your loved ones stay in their homes for as long as possible. Here are five signs that it’s time to hire a home health aide:

  • Your Loved One’s Care is Beyond Your Expertise
    Your loved one’s health may deteriorate beyond your ability to provide care. Home health care in Lakewood, Ohio can help your loved one stay at home for a longer period.
  • Personal Grooming Problems
    Many older people struggle with personal care due to their reduced mobility. When it’s tough to stand up, sit down, or stretch, bathing and dressing become more difficult. A home health aide is qualified to assist with these needs.
  • Unable to Complete Household Tasks
    Household tasks demand the capacity to stand and move for extended amounts of time. Many senior citizens find these activities challenging, yet they are part of the service offered by a home health aide.
  • Overwhelmed Family Caregivers
    You may not be able to put forth the effort no matter how much you love someone if you have a job, children, or other obligations. Home health aides relieve you of part of the burden.

Your needs will be met by a home health aide and the home health agency for which they work. If any of these four indicators apply to you right now, contact Al Amal Health Care Inc, and we will walk you through your options.