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How Are Oromotor Exercises Used in Speech Therapy?

The oromotor system, which is crucial for feeding, talking, and gestural nonverbal communication, is defined by the National Library of Medicine as “the sensory inputs, motor systems, and movement organization involved in sucking, chewing, swallowing, speech articulation, and facial nonverbal communication.”

Diseases that impact the oromotor system are referred to as oromotor dysfunction. Loss of these abilities may result in a decline in life quality. Neuromuscular conditions may be the cause of this dysfunction. Oromotor exercises are thus carried out to treat or control it.

These exercises are intended to improve coordination while also extending the range of motion of the tongue, lips, and jaw under the guidance of a certified speech therapist. Regular exercise will improve your ability to speak and/or swallow. Oromotor training and speech therapy are effective treatments for speech disorders like dysphagia and aphasia.

Similar to those used in physiotherapy, range-of-motion exercises call for using the tongue, jaw, and lips fully. Regaining speech and swallowing abilities requires that these three be trained and strengthened.

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