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Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors Aging at Home

Age-related issues and chronic conditions can increase the risk of falls and other unwanted injuries at home, especially in the bathroom, one of the most common places where accidents occur. Services such as Home Health Aide in Ohio can help improve safety and security for your loved ones, reducing the risk of unwanted incidents in the bathroom and other areas of the house.

Here are some tips families can consider that can help improve bathroom safety for their elderly loved ones at home:

  • Install a Night Light
    Nightly excursions to the bathroom can be dangerous if there is not enough light, increasing the risks of bumps, falls, and slips. Installing a nightlight in the hallways and bathrooms will help ensure that your elderly loved ones can find their way around the home at night if they need to use the bathroom.
  • Lock the Water Temperature at Safe Levels
    Burns can occur when the water temperature is too high. Seniors with mobility constraints may also have difficulty changing the temperature in time. Keeping the water temperature at safe levels will prevent scalds and burns, especially if your loved ones use a bathtub when bathing. We provide Personal Care Aide services to assist your loved ones with bathing, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Raise the Toilet Seat
    Many seniors find it difficult to lower themselves onto a traditional toilet seat, increasing the risk of falls. Families can address this by installing a toilet seat riser with grab bars and handrails.

We provide Home Health Care in Lakewood, Ohio, to promote safety, security, and comfort for your elderly loved ones at home. Call Al Amal Health Care Inc at 216-321-3302 for more information. Services we provide include Personal Care, Homemaking, and much more.